[Resin Kit] King’s Raid Lilia


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※ The image below is a painted figure. Please note.

We sell unpainted figures of “Lilia, the daughter of the sea and the storm” to the users.

※ It is a figure that must be assembled and painted by yourself after purchase.
* Unpainted resin figures are unpainted.

■ KING’s RAID figure configuration information
1. Product composition
-Lilia’s unpainted resin figure (1/7 Scale, 66 parts in total)
-Eye Decal
-Instructions for use (assembly)
-Lilia package (in-game coupon)

[Lilia Package Contents]
-Lilia 3 Star
-Lilia’s weapon
-Lilia’s Treasure
-Lilia costume option (※ ‘Dark’ costume excluded)
※ If you already have Lilia, it will be paid as “x200 pieces of exclusive weapons”.
※ Please note that the Lilia package cannot be used per account.
※ Please note that coupons cannot be used with the same account if you purchased the previous Lilia package.
※ Package design may be different from the existing ceria. (The components are the same.)
※ Coupon expiration date is until April 30, 2021.

2. Sales Period and Sales Volume
Period: March 13, 2020 (Friday) 16:00 ~ ends when sold out.
Quantity sold: 70 pcs
Delivery Schedule: Ships from April 28th.
(Delivery may be delayed due to country-specific circumstances.)


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